Why a Nonprofit? The Seeds of CHI

Read our blog about the origins of Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) and why it was set up as a nonprofit organization.

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On site at Legend Rock, Wyoming

CHI President Mark Mudge studying petroglyphs at Legend Rock, Wyoming

About Us

We build innovative digital tools and practices that save world heritage.

Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the state of the art in digital capture and documentation of the world’s cultural, historic, and artistic treasures.

CHI Director Carla Schroer conducting a digital imaging training class

CHI Director Carla Schroer conducting a
digital imaging training class

Helping Humanity Save History

By providing technologies, tools, and training, CHI drives the adoption of new practices by cultural heritage stewards. These new methods and techniques of imaging benefit a broad constituency, from major art museums to remote archaeological sites to fields in the natural sciences.

Researching and developing these technologies has brought CHI into collaboration and partnership with leaders in the fields of computer science and computational photography. To test and implement the technology, CHI has worked closely with museum professionals, archaeologists, cultural heritage managers, as well as experts in the natural sciences. The interdisciplinary nature of our work makes productive partnerships an essential part of the organization.

Fossils at the University of California Museum of Paleontology

Fossils at the University of California
Museum of Paleontology

The detail and precision of our innovative imaging techniques at CHI is of great value for both professionals and amateurs in the fields of cultural heritage and natural sciences—scholars, conservators, site managers, volunteers, and others. Not only can the images yield important new information for scientific and art historical research, but they can also provide detailed records of a monument or artwork, documentation essential for the preservation of our shared cultural heritage.

While the CHI team is available to make site visits and provide imaging and consulting services, the primary goal of the organization is to teach others how to use the new imaging tools and techniques, and to encourage the use of these new methods as a regular practice.

Our vision at CHI is to democratize technology, empowering people all over the world to document their own cultural heritage, helping to preserve and protect it for future generations.