CHI Is Top Rated on Great Nonprofits in 2020

CHI has earned the 2020 Top-Rated Award on Great Nonprofits

Willful Destruction: You Can Help

Willful Destruction: Your Can Help

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How does your gift to CHI help save history?

Your gift helps save history

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You can help CHI in a number of ways, even if you do not make a financial gift: you can donate goods, volunteer, and share your support for CHI on Facebook. More…

About Us

We build digital tools and imaging practices that save world heritage.

Who We Are
Who We Are CHI is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to advancing the state of the art of digital capture and documentation of the world’s cultural, historic, and artistic treasures.

We were founded in 2002 by two people with a vision to create robust, low-cost imaging tools to document cultural heritage. CHI has a small core team and a board.
What We Do
What We Do We offer technologies and tools, hands-on training, and consulting and imaging services to the conservators, archaeologists, librarians, archivists, and others who care for our shared heritage. We publish papers and give talks and demos at conferences. We freely distribute our open source software and guides.
How We Do It
How We Do It Collaboration is central to our mission and values at CHI. The interdisciplinary nature of our work makes productive partnerships an essential part of the organization. CHI collaborates with leaders in computer science and computational photography. We also work with end users to facilitate the adoption of these imaging techniques in their institutions.
Why We Do It
Why We Do It At CHI we believe the treasures of humanity are worth saving. Enabling access to our cultural history for future generations is a critical need that inspires our work. The imaging practices we teach support important scientific and art historical research. They also yield detailed records for preservation.
How We are Funded
How We Are Funded We depend on donations (cash and non-cash gifts) so we can offer free and low-cost technology and services. Your gift helps keep our prices affordable for cultural heritage practitioners, traditionally a group with very limited funding. We also receive grants and sell training and specialized gear, and we provide consulting services to institutional and private clients.