Allen Hopper, Board Member

Allen Hopper

Allen Hopper is an attorney whose practice since graduating from law school in 1992 has focused upon civil rights and liberties, abuse of governmental authority, and criminal defense law. He is currently the Litigation Director of the national American Civil Liberties Union’s Drug Law Reform Project where he oversees the ACLU’s drug policy-related litigation. Prior to joining the ACLU, Allen did death penalty defense litigation as a Staff Attorney for the California Appellate Project, a San Francisco-based nonprofit law firm established by the State Bar of California at the request of the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court.

Allen is also a graduate of New College in Sarasota, Florida, where he studied political science and philosophy and served on the Board of Directors of Save the Greenspace, a nonprofit group for students, alumni, and faculty, founded to advocate for the campus community in local development issues impacting New College.

Since the horrific destruction of irreplaceable icons of our shared heritage in Mesopotamia a few years ago, Allen remains committed to the preservation of important historical art and artifacts, and to raising the awareness and appreciation of them among a broader audience for our collective education, edification, and protection. Allen is excited to be a part of CHI's work, applying the cutting-edge technology of the present and future to preserve the cultural treasures of the past.