2006 Profile of Carla Schroer and Mark Mudge

CHI Director Carla Schroer and CHI President Mark Mudge are alumni of New College in Florida. This 2006 article in Nimbus, the college's alumni publication, describes how this husband-wife team founded Cultural Heritage Imaging based on their mutual interests in the study and preservation of cultural treasures.

Carla Schroer and Mark Mudge, alumni of New College in Florida

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Carla Schroer, Founder, Director, and Board Member

Carla Schroer

Carla leads the training programs at CHI, as well as working on field capture projects with Reflectance Transformation Imaging, photogrammetry, and related computational photography techniques. Carla also directs the software development and testing activities at CHI.

Carla spent 20 years in the commercial software industry, directing a wide range of software development projects including Sun Microsystems’ Java technology, object-oriented development tools, and desktop publishing software. Her corporate experience includes software and test development, project management, budgeting, planning, and business strategy. Carla joined Sun's Java team in 1995, where she played a fundamental role in the creation of Sun's licensing and compatibility testing model for the Java platform. Carla has managed and worked with teams all over the globe, including Russia, India, and Ireland.

A graduate of New College of Florida with a concentration in Computer Studies, Carla also studied sculpture and ceramics. Carla has always had a love of ancient places and cultural objects. Her passion for art and history drives her work at CHI.

Carla is a CHI founder and currently holds the positions of Director and Board Member. She is an experienced digital photographer and is proficient with multiple software programs and techniques for creating reproducible, scientific digital representations.