Jason Horowitz, Board Member

Jason Horowitz

Jason Horowitz has dedicated his career to expanding and deepening global connections. Since 1997, he has helped expand global product development activities at Sun Microsystems, Inc. He played a key role in founding Sun's St. Petersburg (Russia) software development center. At Sun, he was also involved in global strategy and planning, managing Sun's Prague operation and running an outsourced software engineering program.

Prior to joining Sun, Jason worked for the U.S. State Department as a career member of the U.S. Foreign Service. From 1993-96 in Moscow, he analyzed the development of the emerging market economy in Russia and helped to manage US economic assistance to that country. Jason has Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Columbia University and UCLA, respectively.

Jason's interest in preservation of cultural artifacts dates to undergraduate days in Columbia's History Department. He says, "I have friends who spent many years trying to see a particular document or thing in an obscure archive. Technology developed by CHI will make it much easier for future students/scholars to have that first-hand experience with history."