Guiding Principles of CHI Technologies

CHI logo  Worldwide expertise, collaboration
We collaborate with experts from around the globe in cultural conservation, computer imaging, museum and library sciences, natural sciences, and data archiving.

CHI logo  Compatibility, ease of adoption
Our imaging technologies are designed from the ground up to be compatible with current cultural heritage and natural history practices and digital-imaging skill sets.

CHI logo  Democratize technology
Our mission is to foster global dissemination and widespread adoption of robust digital documentary methods by reducing the barriers of cost and complexity.

CHI logo  Scientific reliability
To adopt the use of digital representations of physical objects, scholars must have confidence that the representations are reliable surrogates. Our tools provide the ability to track and reconfirm the quality and authenticity of the image data.

CHI logo  Long-term preservation
Perpetual digital conservation can ensure that digital representations of physical objects will be archived and available for future generations. CHI focuses on semantically-based knowledge management strategies and their use in simplifying methods of long-term preservation.

CHI Is Top Rated on Great Nonprofits in 2020

CHI has earned the 2020 Top-Rated Award on Great Nonprofits

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Our Mission

We build innovative digital tools and practices that save world heritage.

Photo of archeological site

Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) drives development and adoption of practical digital imaging and preservation solutions for people passionate about saving humanity's treasures today, before they are lost.

Our vision at CHI is to democratize technology, empowering people all over the world to document their own cultural heritage, helping to preserve and protect it for future generations.

The technologies and principles that guide our work are leading to new and easy-to-learn imaging techniques that can be made available and accessible to people all over the world.

By providing tools, technology, and training, CHI drives the adoption of new practices by a broad constituency, from major art museums to remote archaeological sites to fields in the natural sciences.

CHI working with cultural heritage stewards