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 Charles Walbridge

“CHI and their cultural heritage collaborators are at the cutting edge of these digital technologies so I don't have to be.” More…

 Ana Nieves

“When you give to CHI, you support the power and reach of RTI.” More…

 Jean Elliott

“When you give to CHI, you are enabling thousands of people to play a direct role in the stewardship of cultural heritage.” More…

 Rita Albertson

“When you give to CHI, you support essential tools and practices that deeply improve the way we study cultural materials.” More…

 Tom Malzbender

“Give to CHI and you support the documentation and preservation of our human heritage.” More…

 Prof. Graeme Earl, University of Southampton, UK

“The CHI team works at the nexus of cultural conservation, scientific imaging, and data archiving. I see their efforts as key to the future of cultural heritage collections.” More…

 Dale Kronkright, Head of Conservation, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

“When you make a gift to CHI, you are helping small institutions like mine thrive in the digital age and truly advance the preservation of our collections into the 21st century.” More…

JuliaCheri Hoos: Why I Support CHI

JuliaCheri Hoos: Why I Support CHI

I am a history teacher with a background in archaeology. I love my class of 14-year-old students, but they can be a tough crowd. Persuading them that they need to understand the Constitution, the War of 1812, or early American tariff policy is a challenge.

To enter into such deep and difficult subjects, we use images of maps, letters, treaties, currency, newspapers, and so on to give us something to hold onto and focus our conversation. A fragment of pottery, a petroglyph, a coin, a painting, portraits, political cartoons, and words on parchment – all are rich with information about the people who made them, and the world that made us. All give us access to the story of our past.

But today, loss of cultural sites and artifacts is a constant threat around the world. When they are lost, we lose a piece of ourselves.

As a public school educator, I deeply value Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) and their focus on preserving the material culture of our world. This is noble work that confers immediate value as well as long-term impact. CHI offers imaging technologies, RTI and photogrammetry, and trains conservators, archivists, librarians, and other cultural stewards so that they can apply those techniques to preserve our human history. And in preserving our history, CHI preserves that which has made us.

Like me, you can help support this noble work. Please help with a financial gift to CHI!

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