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2007 Events

This page lists the 2007 events at which Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) presented talks and papers. Please use the links in the right column to see events from other years.

CIPA 2007

CIPA 2007 banner

“A Digital Future for Cultural Heritage”

The paper presented at this conference explores the issues influencing the adoption of tools and best practices by cultural heritage professionals. It discusses emerging digital technologies and these key principles: adoption of digital surrogates, empirical provenance, perpetual digital conservation, and the democratization of technology.

Presenters Mark Mudge, Michael Ashley, Carla Schroer
Presented at CIPA Athens 2007
Date and Location October 1–6, 2007: Athens, Greece
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EVA London 2007

EVA 2007 banner

“Lighting and Byzantine Glass Tesserae”

The paper presented by Alan Chalmers and Eva Zányi of the University of Warwick was co-authored with CHI founders Mark Mudge and Carla Schroer.

Presenters Alan Chalmers and Eva Zányi
Presented at EVA London 2007 (Electronic Information, The Visual Arts and Beyond)
Date and Location July 13–19, 2007: London, England
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American Rock Art Research Association (ARARA) 2007

ARARA 2007 banner

“Simple, Low-cost Reflection Transformation Imaging Documentation Techniques for Rock Art”

At the 34th annual meeting of the oldest rock art association in existence, the CHI team demonstrated a set of new, simple, low-cost reflection information capture techniques for rock art.

Presenters Mark Mudge, Carla Schroer
Presented at ARARA 2007
Date and Location June 29–July 2, 2007: Billings, Montana

Society for Imaging Science and Technology 2007

Society for Imaging Science and Technology 2007 banner

“The Simultaneous Capture of Spectral and Textural Information”

Digital archiving of cultural treasures has previously been focused on capturing accurate color information via spectral imaging. This paper describes Reflection Transformation Imaging, a means of capturing topographical information, as well as an experiment that attempts to merge the two techniques.

Presenters Mark Mudge, John Redman (Hewlett-Packard)
Presented at Archiving 2007, Society for Imaging Science and Technology
Date and Location May 21–24, 2007: Arlington, Virginia


ICOMOS 2007 banner

“High Definition Documentation for Heritage Management and Tourism”

This one-day workshop provided participants with hands-on training in high-definition documentation for cultural heritage, with the intention of producing digital content that is useful for public interpretation and tourism.

Presenters Led by Michael Ashley, with contributions from Mark Mudge and Carla Schroer
Presented at International Council On Monuments and Sites (ICMOS) 2007 Symposium
Date and Location April 18–22, 2007: San Francisco, California

CAA 2007

CAA 2007 banner

Paper: “Simple, Low-Cost Reflection Information Capture and Reflection Transformation Imaging Techniques”

Paper: “Fast, Accurate, Simple to Use, Textured Point Cloud Generation for Cultural Heritage Documentation ”

Workshop: “Standards of Best Practice: Best Practice for Standards”

At this event, the presenters delivered 2 papers and held a workshop. They discussed a holistic approach to comprehensive workflows that integrate best practices of standards in digital preservation with the diverse standards of practice for documenting cultural heritage sites.

“Simple, Low-Cost…” Authors Mark Mudge, Carla Schroer, and Marlin Lum
“Fast, Accurate…” Authors Neffra Matthews, Tom Noble, Mark Mudge, Jason Birch
Workshop Presenters Mark Mudge, Michael Ashley, Steve Stead
Presented at CAA 2007: “Layers of Perception—Advanced technological means to illuminate our past”
Date and Location April 2–6, 2007: Berlin, Germany