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2009 Events

This page lists the 2009 events at which Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) participated and/or presented talks and papers. Please use the links in the right column to see events from other years.

VAST 2009

VAST 2009 banner

“Illuminating the Past – State of the Art”

This report for researchers new to cultural heritage reconstruction explains how to illuminate cultural heritage sites and objects and use computer graphics for scientific, preservation, and research purposes.

Speakers Jassim Happa (lead), Mark Mudge, Kurt Debattista, Alessandro Artusi, Alexandrino Gonçalves, and Alan Chalmers
Presented at VAST 2009
Date and Location September 22–25, 2009: Malta
Publication Learn more and download

Arqueologica 2.0 2009

Arqueologica 2.0 banner

“The Theoretical Basis Of Virtual Archaeology”

This event was organized by the Spanish Society of Virtual Archaeology (SEAV) in cooperation with several research groups of Spanish universities as well as specific companies.

Presenter/Panelist Michael Ashley
Presented at Arqueologica 2.0, the 1st International Meeting on Graphic Archaeology and Informatics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation
Date and Location June 17–20, 2009: Seville, Spain

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)

AIC banner

“Reflectance Transformation Imaging: A New Conservation Tool for Examination and Documentation”

In this program, focused on emerging technologies that will affect the conservation field, the speakers presented a paper describing how Reflectance Transformation Imaging is an effective conservation tool for robust documentation, surface examination, and interpretive study of cultural heritage materials. Cited in the presentation was CHI's collaboration with the Worcester Art Museum.

Presenters Philip Klausmeyer (Andrew W. Mellon Conservator in Science and Paintings Conservation, Worcester Art Museum), Mark Mudge, Carla Schroer
Presented at AIC's 37th annual meeting, “Conservation 2.0—New Directions”
Date and Location May 19–22, 2009: Los Angeles, CA

ARARA 2009

ARARA 2009 banner

Full-day Workshop on Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)

Through demonstrations and hands-on experience, participants in this workshop learned about the set-up and capture of an image sequence for creating RTIs of rock art in various settings. Also included were lectures on advances and current research in RTI technology.

Presenters Mark Mudge and Carla Schroer
Presented at ARARA 2009
Date and Location May 22–25, 2009: Bakersfield, CA

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)

AIA 2009 banner

“Telling Stories with Advanced Imaging: Ancient Greek Epigraphy, Museum and Library Conservation, Rock Art”

This free lecture at Stanford University was presented by the CHI founders about their experience using Reflectance Transformation Imaging for conservation purposes in the fields of Greek archaeology and rock art.

Presenters Mark Mudge and Carla Schroer
Presented at Meyer Forum, Stanford University's Meyer Library
Date and Location April 3, 2009: Stanford, CA

CAA 2009

CAA 2009 banner

“Reflectance Transformation Imaging: The Next Generation”

This talk explores a set of new reflectance transformation (RTI) tools developed by an international group of collaborators brought together by Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI). These new tools provide novel approaches to the acquisition, processing, and viewing of real-world reflectance information and the 3D shape and material properties it discloses.

Presenters Mark Mudge and Carla Schroer, Marlin Lum, Michael Ashley
Presented at Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) 2009: “Making History Interactive: Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology”
Date and Location March 22–26, 2009: Williamsburg, Virginia
Related Documents See the related publication page and download the publication entitled “Grass-roots Imaging: A Case Study in Sustainable Heritage Imaging at Chersonesos, Ukraine” in addition to the slides and remarks for this talk

Webwise 2009

WebWise 2009 banner

“Developing Advanced Technologies for the Imaging of Cultural Heritage Objects”

In this demonstration, CHI president Mark Mudge explored a set of new reflectance transformation (RTI) tools developed by an international group of collaborators brought together by Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI). The presentation focused on a joint project of the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the University of Texas at Austin, CHI, and the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos in Crimea, Ukraine.

Presenters Mark Mudge and Marilyn Lundberg (University of Southern California)
Presented at WebWise 2009: “Digital Debates”
Date and Location February 26–27, 2009: Washington, DC
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