Sold out! Two-Day Symposium at The Met, March 7–8, 2017

The Met

In association with the NEH training grant, Cultural Heritage Imaging has partnered with The Metropolitan Museum of Art to present this two-day symposium, March 7–8, 2017, with a focus on use cases and recently developed Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) tools and research. This event is sold out.

NEH Training Grant Support for the Symposium

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The training described on this page was sponsored by Preservation and Access Education and Training grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), awarded to Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) beginning January 1, 2016. The grant included support for seven training classes and a symposium on computational photography. Learn more about the grant.

Training Classes at the CHI Studio

If you were not able to apply for the NEH grant-sponsored training classes described on this page, you can still get access to our training! CHI offers regularly scheduled 4-day classes (for a fee) in RTI and photogrammetry several times a year at the CHI studio in San Francisco. Learn more.

About Photogrammetry

Learning photogrammetry at the CHI studio in San Francisco, 2016

Learn more about photogrammetry, the practice of deriving 3D measurements from photographs. More…

About RTI

Learning RTI at the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum, 2015

Learn more about Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI), a computational photographic method that captures a subject’s surface shape and color and enables the interactive re-lighting of the subject from any direction. More…

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Preservation and Access Education and Training Grant:
Advanced Imaging Skills for Humanities Collections Professionals

Training Classes Now Complete — Thank You to All Applicants!

This grant, awarded to CHI by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), supported training classes in Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) and photogrammetry across the U.S. in 2016–2017. The classes sponsored by the grant were previously open by application. Learn more about the NEH training grant.

The grant-sponsored training was for collections professionals and pre-professionals working with public or nonprofit humanities collections in the United States. This included art, history, archaeology, libraries, and archives. The application process gave priority to professionals at small institutions with staffs of 25 FTE or fewer.

2016 Scheduled Training Classes

Photogrammetry Buffalo State August 8–11, 2016 Restricted to members of the Association of North American Graduate Programs in the Conservation of Cultural Property (ANAGPIC). This class is closed.  
RTI de Young Museum / Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco September 27–30, 2016   This class is closed.  
RTI Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) October 17–20, 2016   This class is closed.  

2017 Scheduled Training Classes

RTI Yale University
New Haven, CT
April 4–7, 2017   This class is closed.  
Photogrammetry University of Texas at Austin May 8–11, 2017   This class is closed.  
Photogrammetry Museum Conservation Institute, Smithsonian Institution
Suitland, MD
September 12–15, 2017   This class is closed.  
Photogrammetry San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco
October 17–20, 2017   This class is closed.  
4-day Photogrammetry Training
photogrammetry training class Learn how to acquire photogrammetric image sets and how to produce scientific 3D documentation with demonstrable accuracy.

You will leave with practical experience using equipment, image capture setups, and software to build 3D content. More…

“It was fantastic and a pleasure to work with people who are so in touch with the needs of conservators.”—Trainee, May 2015 class

“Great class on a complex topic. I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues.”—Trainee, April 2014 class
4-day RTI Training
RTI training class Learn how to use highlight RTI to create digital representations of various objects.

You will leave with the ability to implement the digital imaging workflow, including steps to capture, process, and view RTI digital representations. More…

“I greatly appreciated the hands-on and practical focus of the class.”—Trainee, Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute

“Excellent balance of applied practice, i.e., using studio and photographic methods, techniques, and software. An energizing and inspiring week!”—Trainee, Buffalo State College

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