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“Grass-roots Imaging: A Case Study in Sustainable Heritage Imaging at Chersonesos, Ukraine”

Authors Adam Rabinowitz, Carla Schroer, and Mark Mudge

Authors Adam Rabinowitz, Carla Schroer, and Mark Mudge

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Authors Mark Mudge, Adam Rabinowitz (The University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA), Carla Schroer
Presented at CAA 2009, “Making History Interactive”, Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
Date and Location March 22-26, 2009, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
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“The papers in this session reveal a growing concern with our ability to share complex cultural heritage information in digital form. But what about the vast quantities of information held by museums and institutions that lack the technical, material, and financial resources to share them in a virtual environment? If we are agreed that we should be working together to increase the amount of information about cultural heritage resources available to a broad public over the internet, we must also consider how we may include participants outside or at the periphery of the first world. In many cases, museums and cultural heritage institutions in this category have both the desire and the human resources to present their holdings digitally—but they lack the means to sustain programs of digital data collection and the computing power necessary to present complex documentation over the web.”