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“A Digital Future for Cultural Heritage”

About This Publication

Authors Mark Mudge, Michael Ashley, Carla Schroer, Cultural Heritage Imaging
Presented at CIPA Athens 2007, Anticipating the Future of the Cultural Past
Date and Location October 1-6, 2007, Athens, Greece
CIPA 2007 Editors A. Georgopoulos, N. Agriantonis
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The tools and standards of best practice adopted by cultural heritage (CH) professionals will determine the digital future of CH work. This paper explores issues influencing adoption decisions and discusses emerging digital technologies, encouraging widespread adoption of digital practices. The paper explores a digital future for cultural heritage through key principles: adoption of digital surrogates, empirical provenance, perpetual digital conservation, and the democratization of technology. The paper elucidates digital surrogates as trusted representations of “real-world” content in digital form. The paper also explains how empirical provenance can contribute to the authenticity and reliability of digital surrogates, while perpetual digital conservation can ensure that digital surrogates will be archived and available for future generations. The paper also investigates the emerging technologies' potential to democratize digital technology, making digital workflows easy to use for CH professionals and CH materials widely available to diverse audiences. The paper concludes with a discussion of the implications of these fundamental principles and the emerging technologies for the cultural heritage field.

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