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What is the Digital Lab Notebook (DLN)?

Excerpt from a Leonardo da Vinci notebook

A Digital Lab Notebook (DLN) serves the same function as a written scientist’s lab notebook before the digital age. A DLN associated with a digital representation provides transparency, enabling people to assess its reliability for their own research purposes. CHI’s DLN methodologies and tools are designed to collect all of the information necessary for a scientific lab notebook. More…

Download the Digital Lab Notebook (DLN) Tools

DLN Tool Suite

CHI has released Beta versions of the first two tools in the Digital Lab Notebook software suite to simplify the collection and management of scientifically reliable metadata. Learn more and download the tools.

Watch Instructional Videos About the DLN Tools

DLN Instructional Videos

CHI has created a video series on our Vimeo website, describing the purpose and application of the DLN tools. Watch the videos.

Chapter Title: “Keeping Track of How We Scan”

Book cover for Copy Culture: Sharing in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Book cover for Copy Culture: Sharing in the Age of Digital Reproduction (V&A)

About This Publication

Book Title Copy Culture: Sharing in the Age of Digital Reproduction
Interview with CHI Mark Mudge and Carla Schroer of Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) interview in the chapter entitled “Keeping Track of How We Scan”
Book Editor Brendan Cormier
Publisher V&A Publishing
Publication Date August 2018
Free Download (PDF) Download the entire book; see page 107 for the CHI interview


Through essays, interviews and project profiles, this book overall explores how digital tools are revolutionizing the cultural heritage landscape through copies. It draws from a cross-disciplinary group of experts to better understand the challenges and opportunities for making, storing, sharing and using digital reproductions, in museums and in everyday life.

In a chapter of the book, “Keeping Track of How We Scan,” Carla Schroer and Mark Mudge of CHI discuss new software they call the Digital Lab Notebook (DLN), a set of tools that help record how a digital representation is made. The DLN describes the means and circumstances of digital information capture from a real-world subject and tracks all the events that happen during the processing of this information into a completed digital representation.

Copy Culture is a result of ReACH (Reproductions of Art and Cultural Heritage), an initiative spearheaded by the Victoria and Albert Museum with the Peri Foundation, to bring museums and cultural heritage practitioners together to collectively draw a roadmap for the future production and use of digital copies.