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“The Simultaneous Capture of Spectral and Textural Information”

PTM image captured with raking angle illumination

PTM image captured with raking angle illumination

About This Publication

Authors John Redman (Hewlett-Packard Co., Boise, Idaho), Mark Mudge (Cultural Heritage Imaging)
Presented at Society for Imaging Science and Technology 2007
Date and Location May 21-24, 2007, Arlington, Virginia
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Digital archiving of cultural heritage has heretofore focused on capturing accurate color information via spectral imaging. In this paper, we review a means of capturing topographical information entitled Reflection Transformation Imaging. The paper discusses an experiment that attempts to merge these two techniques. Several paintings were imaged and color-accurate, interactive texture maps were generated. Experimental deficiencies are identified and suggestions are made for remediation. A new dual-imaging technique with improved capability is discussed. Our conclusion is that the simultaneous capture of high-accuracy spectral and textural information is entirely feasible.