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Chapter Title: “Transparency for Empirical Data”

Book cover for Paradata and Transparency in Visual Heritage

Book cover for Paradata and Transparency in Visual Heritage

About This Publication

Chapter Author Mark Mudge, President of Cultural Heritage Imaging
Book Authors Anna Bentkowska-Kafel, Hugh Denard and Drew Baker, King's College London, UK
Publisher's Data Sheet (PDF) Paradata and Transparency in Visual Heritage
Publication Date February 2012


In a chapter of this forthcoming book, CHI President Mark Mudge addresses cultural heritage professionals who are engaged in Internet-based scientific inquiry. He describes the challenges of providing intellectual transparency and accountability in visualization-based historical research, citing the standards, trends, and concepts that are of interest to these professionals.

In the book as a whole, to be published in February 2012, the authors address a range of cognitive and technological challenges, making a strong case for a wider recognition of three-dimensional visualization as a constructive, intellectual process and valid methodology for historical research and its communication.