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Preparing Penicaud enamel for RTI capture

RTI capture session of a painted enamel by Penicaud (French, 16th cent.)

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Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) is dedicated to outreach: we offer training, consultation, online resources, and a regular e-newsletter to museums, archaeologists, conservation professionals, government agencies, and the public.

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thumbnail image for training CHI offers training classes and workshops in documentation and preservation of cultural treasures. We work with conservators, archaeologists, museum curators, natural scientists, and others who want to learn how to use the low-cost, effective digital imaging techniques in which CHI specializes. More… thumbnail image for consulting CHI can provide consulting services to help you learn how to apply our digital imaging tools and practices. Under certain conditions, the CHI technical team will collaborate with other experts in the technology development process through design and hands-on testing. More…
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thumbnail image for downloads CHI offers state-of-the-art digital imaging tools. Disseminating our processes and collaboratively developed software and teaching others how to use our tools are fundamental to our mission. See the Downloads page for the latest software and documentation. More… thumbnail image for gear Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) offers easy-to-use gear for imaging projects at museums, archaeological sites, universities, libraries, conservation departments, and other sites where scientific imaging is required. More…
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