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CHI offers 4-day training classes regularly for groups of up to 15 people. Learn how to apply RTI to capture and study the minute surfaces of objects, and become familiar with related computational photography techniques. More…

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Learn more about the technologies we use at CHI, including Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI).


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Do you want to learn how to apply Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)? Using our documentation, collaboratively developed software, and physical RTI kit, you will be guided on how to use RTI and associated technologies to capture physical real-world subjects so their surface relief features can be examined in minute detail not visible with the naked eye.

The RTI Workflow: What You Need

This page lists the materials we offer with links to more in-depth information about each one. Using these materials, you can learn how to manage the processes step by step.

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Capture Process:  RTIBuilder Download
thumbnail image for capture Our Capture materials—guide, glossary, and demonstration videos—explain how to capture real-world subjects photographically so you can produce reflectance transformation images (RTIs). More… thumbnail image for processing To process your captured photographic data, you can download RTIBuilder, an interface to tools that produce the final RTI file from your image set. A PDF guide and sample files are also available for download. More…
Highlight Capture Kit View:  RTIViewer Download
thumbnail image for RTI Highlight Capture Kit This physical starter kit (must be ordered separately) is designed to get you up and running quickly. It contains all the parts you need to capture images for RTI using the highlight method. More… thumbnail image for viewing To load and examine RTI images, you can download RTIViewer, a user guide, and example files. RTIViewer is a software application that offers interactive rendering and study of RTI images. More…

CHI Forums CHI offers a free online forum site where you can share your questions, insights, and issues to gain a more complete understanding of RTI and its practical applications. How are museum conservators, computer scientists, natural scientists, photographers, and other related professional groups using RTI? What problems are they solving and what challenges are they facing? Join the conversation!