Reflectance Transformation Imaging

RTI is a computational photographic method that captures a subject’s surface shape and color and enables the interactive re-lighting of the subject from any direction in a software viewer, revealing details not visible with the naked eye.

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Photogrammetry is the science of measurement in imaging. The photographer captures a set of images of a single subject following a rule-based procedure and then creates a textured 3D digital surface that can be measured with a known precision.

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Digital Lab Notebook

Digital Lab Notebook is a term coined by CHI for a digital record of the means and circumstances used to generate a digital representation of an imaging subject. DLN tools simplify the collection of scientific, standards-based metadata.

DLN:CaptureContext - Version 1 Beta software

DLN:Inspector - Version 1 Beta software

CHI Forums CHI offers a free online forum site where you can share your questions, insights, and issues to gain a more complete understanding of RTI, photogrammetry, and related practices, and learn more about their practical applications. How are museum conservators, computer scientists, natural scientists, photographers, and other related professional groups using these technologies? What problems are they solving and what challenges are they facing? Join the conversation!

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Learn about the imaging technologies fostered by CHI.

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