RTI and Photogrammetry

Learn about the computational photographic imaging methods, Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) and photogrammetry, and how they are applied in scientific imaging for cultural heritage. More…

Preparing Penicaud enamel for RTI capture

RTI capture session of a painted enamel by Penicaud (French, 16th cent.)

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Let CHI experts advise you on your imaging challenge. CHI offers customized consulting services to both institutional and private clients, with special rates for nonprofit organizations. Projects of all sizes can be accommodated. Learn more…

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CHI offers training in Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) and photogrammetry. Learn more about these classes. You can also write to training@c-h-i.org.

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Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) offers easy-to-use gear for imaging projects at museums, archaeological sites, universities, libraries, conservation departments, and other sites where scientific imaging is required.

Photogrammetric Scale Bars

Photogrammetric scale bars NEWCHI offers a set of 12 calibrated scale bars designed by photogrammetry experts at the US Bureau of Land Management and CHI for accurate measurement and scientific imaging of 3D data. Scale bars are flat, lightweight linear bars in several sizes with coded and non-coded targets printed on them. This product is unique in the world and uniquely suited to the practice of photogrammetry. More…

RTI Highlight Capture Starter Kit

RTI Highlight Capture Starter Kit contents CHI offers the RTI starter kit to support users, a physical starter kit that contains all the parts you need to capture images for RTI using the highlight method.

The kit contains a set of reflective spheres of various sizes, mounting hardware for the spheres, parts that you need to create a light wand, and miscellaneous items you will find useful in setting up and using your image-capture system.

The parts are contained in a durable Tuff storage box for easy transport and safekeeping. More…