Carla Schroer of CHI in a consulting session

Need some help? Let CHI experts advise you on your imaging challenge. CHI offers customized consulting services to both institutional and private clients, with special rates for nonprofit organizations. Projects of all sizes can be accommodated. Learn more…

What Is RTI?

Read our overview of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI), a breakthrough class of imaging techniques used in cultural heritage and natural history documentation and preservation, enabling the study of the minute details of surfaces.

What Is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry refers to deriving 3D measurements from photographs. Read our overview of Photogrammetry and learn how the photogrammetric process captures extremely dense and accurate 3D surface data with standard digital camera equipment.

Questions About Training?

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Learn More from Trainees

With a generous grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), CHI delivered 10 training sessions on Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) across the US for emerging and established museum professionals. Learn more from the trainees…

Flickr Slide Show: Training Classes at Four Regional Host Museums

As part of the IMLS 21st Century Museum Professionals grant, CHI held 4-day training sessions at four regional host museums in the US. This Flickr slide set are shots taken from those classes.

Training class at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Checking for focus and exposure. (Image courtesy of Tad Fruits, Senior Photographer, Indianapolis Museum of Art)


Contents:   4-day Photogrammetry Class  4-day RTI Class  4-day Class at Your Site  Half-day Workshop

4-day Photogrammetry Training
photogrammetry training class Learn how to acquire photogrammetric image sets and how to produce scientific 3D documentation with demonstrable accuracy.

You will leave with practical experience using equipment, image capture setups, and software to build 3D content. More…

Next class: To be announced.
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“It was fantastic and a pleasure to work with people who are so in touch with the needs of conservators.”—Trainee, May 2015 class

“Great class on a complex topic. I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues.”—Trainee, April 2014 class
4-day RTI Training
RTI training class Learn how to use highlight RTI to create digital representations of various objects.

You will leave with the ability to implement the digital imaging workflow, including steps to capture, process, and view RTI digital representations. More…

Next class: To be announced.
Interested? Send email to
“I greatly appreciated the hands-on and practical focus of the class.”—Trainee, Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute

“Excellent balance of applied practice, i.e., using studio and photographic methods, techniques, and software. An energizing and inspiring week!”—Trainee, Buffalo State College
CHI Training Can Come to You
on-site training class Our training/consulting can come to your site!

CHI experts can deliver a 4-day training class in RTI or photogrammetry (or both)—optionally with consulting services—at your institution for groups of up to 15 people.

Write to with an inquiry or a proposal for on-site expertise using the latest digital imaging techniques. More…
“I learned a ton. Liked the balance of lectures and time to work in small groups on hands-on projects.”—Trainee, Worcester Art Museum

“Superb—well organized and taught by skilled, dedicated leaders.”—Trainee, Museum of Modern Art, New York
Half-day workshop
half-day workshop Sign up for our next workshop!

Whether you're an archaeologist, photographer, or staff at a museum or library, you'll learn about digital imaging techniques in conservation and education.

You will see examples of RTI applied to museum objects, paper collections, and archaeological sites. More…
“Great overview of sophisticated ideas that can be applied easily and professionally.”—Attendee, Half-Day Workshop

“The workshop was so engaging! It felt like an RTI Sampler, piquing my interest in the four-day class.”—Attendee, Half-Day Workshop

Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) offers classes and workshops in computational photography techniques used by cultural heritage and natural science professionals to document and research objects and artifacts. We train conservators, archaeologists, museum curators, museum photographers, anyone who wants to learn how to use the low-cost, digital techniques in which CHI specializes. We also train staff at special collections libraries on how to capture paper and bindings.

We hold training sessions on site at excavation sites, museums, and universities, and at the CHI studio in San Francisco, California.

Examples of Past CHI Training Sessions and Workshops

CHI has held training and workshops for these institutions and projects, among others. These links lead to more detailed descriptions of these past CHI training sessions.